Stainless Steel Electric Food Slicer – Best Meat Slicer

Are you looking for the best meat slicer for your home? Are you confused by the options out there? Well, read on as we review a couple of electric food slicers that are great contenders for the title. They are both very capable machine’s which offer reliability, a range of slice sizes and are easy to clean.

Best meat slicer
Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Meat Slicer

First up is this 8.7in Stainless Steel Electric Food Slicer from Valley Sportsman. Weighing in at 24 pounds and featuring non slip feet, this is a solid piece of kitchen kit and is built to withstand high levels of usage. The slightly larger than average blade, which means that you can tackle larger cuts of meat with ease. Which is perfect for those occasions when you have to cater for a large number of guests. This food slicer is fully adjustable, so you decide on the slice size. It also features variable speeds, making it more versatile than just the best meat slicer, rather it can slice anything you could wish it too! The 180-watt power unit means that this piece of equipment is designed to get the job done. Due to its stainless steel construction and removable cover, it is also really simple to clean.

Next up is the slightly more expensive Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer. Despite only weighing 10 pounds, this is built to last. Constructed out of cast aluminium, stainless steel and featuring a 120-watt high torque engine, this slicer delivers a reliable and smooth food slicing experience. Its lightweight also makes it the perfect choice if the space in your kitchen is limited and as such you need to store the equipment elsewhere. The 7- inch blade is capable of cutting meats to wafer thin size up to slices of an inch thick. The equipment features a built in thickness measure, so you can be sure to achieve uniform slices. It also ships with a serving platter which is handy, as this model is angled, so that it cuts directly onto a platter. All the parts of the machine, including the blade, the food carriage and the pushing device are removable to make cleaning a breeze. The Chef’s choice is an outstanding competitor for the title of best meat slicer.

One of the reasons that people opt to slice their own meats and cheeses is the savings in terms of price. Rather than buying pre-cooked and pre-slice food products, you can often get a far better deal on raw products. Another added bonus of doing it yourself, is that you know exactly what has gone into your meat. No more, low quality meats loaded with water and preservatives. So why don’t you get on board with the home slicing movement to save you money and give you extra piece of mind? It’s worth pointing out that these food slicers are not just restricted to slicing meat, then can also be used for crusty bread, vegetables or cheeses. This means that it is a truly versatile piece of kitchen equipment to add to your home.

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