I am not an official WordPress tester, but to keep up with the latest changes and to make sure my own plugins are always compatible with upcoming versions of WordPress, I run WordPress development version on this site.

There are several plugins installed on this site that end up also getting tested for compatibility with upcoming versions of WordPress, although that is not my intention. Wassup, cFormsII, Bad Behavior, and Akismet all run successfully on WordPress 2.7 development version . One plugin that failed was Simple Tags version 1.5.7 by Amaury Balmer. This plugin produced an error because of a test in the code that rejects unrecognized versions of WordPress.

Fortunately the fix was simple. It only required that the version test be replaced by one that tests for current or higher version of WordPress. I modified the code myself and now “Simple Tags 1.5.7a” runs on 2.7-dev.

If you would like to apply this patch to your own copy of Simple Tags 1.5.7, you can download it To install, just uncompress the file “simple-tags.php”, upload it to your web server, and overwrite the file of the same name in the “simple-tags” folder in your WordPress plugins directory. Be sure to deactivate “Simple Tags 1.5.7″ beforehand and reactivate it as “Simple Tags 1.5.7a” afterwards.

12/16/2008 Update: Simple Tags 1.5.8 was released and is compatible with WordPress 2.7. However, the flawed code still exists and will continue to cause Simple Tags to become disabled with future releases and development versions of WordPress. If you would like to “future-proof” your version of Simple Tags 1.5.8, download the file, simple-tags-fix.zip, unzip it, and replace “simple-tags.php” in your plugins directory.

06/17/2009 Update: simple-tags-fix.zip is now updated for Simple Tags 1.6.6

09/15/2010 Update: This fix  has been obsoleted since version 1.7 of Simple Tags and is no longer available here.

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